UK Juicer: Froothie Optimum 600 Review


I used this juicer every day at my shop. The wide feed chute and large auger (the section that turns and does the grinding) mean that even though it is a “slow juicer” it actually makes juices pretty quickly.

Check out my video where I demonstrate setting up the juicer. There are lots of little features that must have come from feedback from people who actually use this kind of machine themselves. For instance, the cap helps prevent juice wastage and drips on your counter and the cut away section on the pulp ejector makes it much easier to clean.

This juicer is available in the U.K. You can find out the latest pricing information on the Froothie Optimum 600 juicer on their website. For customers in the U.S, I recommend the Omega VRT350HD.

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Andy Cowan is a veteran juicer who has been juicing for over 20 years. He ran a juice bar in Scotland and is happy to share his most popular juice recipes with you here. An expert on juice cleansing, he is here to help you reclaim your birth right - vibrant health.

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