UK Blender: Froothie Optimum 9400 Blender Review


Before coming back to Scotland I was living in Japan. Over there I had a Ferarri red Vitamix TNC blender (pictured on the right). It was amazing! The challenge I faced when returning to Scotland was that Japan runs at 120V rather than 240V. So I ended up selling my Vitamix to friends in Japan.

After arriving in Scotland and when I was establishing the Juice Fiend juice bar, I wanted to get a Vitamix quality blender at the best price possible. That’s when I discovered Froothie.

Initially I was skeptical. Could a blender at over £100 cheaper than a Vitamix really offer the same kind of performance? Having used the Optimum 9400 in a commercial setting for over two months, the short answer is, yes!

The blender carafe (posh way of saying jug) is very similar in shape to the Vitamix. The Vitamix TNC perhaps had a slightly more comfortable handle (see above). But what I love about the Optimum 9400 is that rather than just 4 blades like the Vitamix, it has 6 blades. It’s not just the number that is impressive, but the angles. Two of the blades rotate much lower than the rest. This is beneficial when making just a small amount of something, e.g. date paste, grinding seeds, etc. It also ensures a real thorough blend of your smoothies.

It seems such a simple thing just to add a couple more blades. And it is…but Froothie are the ones why did it and I think it is genius!

Like the Vitamix, the Optimum 9400 is an analogue blender. There is the on/off switch and a dial that turns between 1-10. On the left hand side there is a pulse switch, although to be honest, I don’t really use it.

The blender comes with a tamper but for making smoothies I don’t actually need it. The blades do a great job of sucking everything down to be blended.

I’m sure Froothie could get away with charging more for this machine but it’s the fact that they don’t that impresses me. Their philosophy seems to be to make high quality products and sell them at reasonable prices. That’s what I tried to do at my juice bar. I could have charged more for the juices and smoothies that I made but I wanted to encourage people to eat more fruits and vegetables so tried to keep my prices down.

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