Juice Recipe: Kale Juice Cubes


As a lazy organic gardener, I like to let my plants flower and go to seed. That way, I don’t have to continually re-plant nor do I have to keep paying for seeds that I can get for free.

The temperature in Scotland has recently shot up and my kale plants have all recently started to flower. The flowers are nice and sweet to eat and it has been great to see bumble bees enjoying them too.

I recently cut down some of my plants to make kale juice cubes. Juicing all different parts of the plant means I think I get the widest range of phyto-nutrients.

kale pulp and kale juice in containers

Once I’ve juiced the kale, I like to sieve it to remove most of the pulp. Then I pour the juice into ice cube trays to make kale juice cubes, perfect for freezing, and then I can easily add a bit of extra green nutrition to my juices whenever I like.

sieving kale juice before freezing in trays

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