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When I stayed in NYC before attending the Woodstock Fruit Festival in 2013, my friend Lee introduced me to Juice Press juice bar. At that time they were a start up business, but now they are much more established with over 60 locations in New York state!

Going into Juice Press felt even more exciting than going out to a bar for cocktails. We tried Ginger shots and took our time looking at the menu deciding what we were going to buy. It was such a natural high being surrounded by the vibrant colours of so many juices! One that caught my eye, although I didn’t buy it, was GLO – Grapefruit, Lemon & Orange. This was a recipe I was already familiar with, but I thought of the name before. Don’t you think it’s cool? Whenever any of my friends tell me they are going to NYC, I always tell them they have to go to Juice Press.

In their paper ‘Nutritional and health benefits of citrus fruits’, Economos and Clay state:

Citrus is most commonly thought of as a good source of vitamin C. However, like most other whole foods, citrus fruits also contain an impressive list of other essential nutrients, including […] potassium, folate, calcium, thiamin, niacin, vitamin B6, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, riboflavin, pantothenic acid and a variety of phytochemicals. In addition, citrus contains no fat or sodium and, being a plant food, no cholesterol. The average energy value of fresh citrus is also low, which can be very important for consumers concerned about putting on excess body weight. For example a medium orange contains 60 to 80 kcal, a grapefruit 90 kcal and a tablespoon (15 ml) of lemon juice only 4 kcal.

This makes me feel confident that drinking a pure fruit juice is great for our health. Contrary to popular belief, as the authors above write, fruits contain loads of nutrition. So drinking the juice of a wide range of fruits and vegetables will help us to get as broad a spectrum of phytonutrients as possible.


  • 1 Grapefruit
  • 1 Lemon
  • 5 Oranges

citrus fruits for recipe

cut citrus fruits ready to be juiced


  1. Wash non-organic citrus in warm/hot water (I like to rinse off the chemicals that’s on them)
  2. Thoroughly dry the washed fruits
  3. Peel and chop all the citrus fruits
  4. Juice all the ingredients together
  5. Run a little water through the juicer to make up to desired amount (optional)
  6. Sieve the juice

pulp sieved out of GLO juice

amount of juice made from 5 oranges, 1 grapefruit & 1 lemon

Juice Fiend Says

If you use a vertical masticating juicer like me, you may find that some pulp gathers inside the juicer. So pouring a little bit of water through the juicer helps the machine to squeeze out the maximum amount of juice from your produce.

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Andy Cowan is a veteran juicer who has been juicing for over 20 years. He ran a juice bar in Scotland and is happy to share his most popular juice recipes with you here. An expert on juice cleansing, he is here to help you reclaim your birth right - vibrant health.

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