Juice Recipe: Beetroot Blast


I get a lot of questions about how to juice beets. People wonder how much to use in recipes; what are some good recipes; how to get rid of the ‘earthy’ taste; and wonder if they should be worried about having red pee after drinking beets.

In this blog post, I want to deal with these questions and share one of my all time favourite beetroot recipes.

Beetroot juice has got a lot of exposure over recent years due to its beneficial effects on sports performance. However, can it benefit people who aren’t athletes?

It would seem the answer to this question is ‘yes’. In a paper titled ‘Beetroot juice improves in overweight and slightly obese men postprandial endothelial function after consumption of a mixed meal’, the authors conclude that:

Consumption of beetroot juice may beneficially affect cardiovascular health.

In another paper ‘A toast to health and performance! Beetroot juice lowers blood pressure and the O2 cost of exercise’, the authors write:

[Drinking beetroot juice is a] dietary therapy that lowers blood pressure and increases exercise tolerance

picture of apples, lemons, beetroot & ginger


  • 7 Apples
  • 3 Lemons
  • 1 Beet
  • Chunk of Ginger
  • Beet Greens (optional)
  • 4 oz water (optional)

chopped ingredients ready for juicing


  1. If you have them, cut the beet greens off 1/3 inch before they meet the beetroot. Put them in bowl to soak to remove any dirt.
  2. Wash the apples.
  3. Peel the beetroot – this helps get rid of the earthy taste.
  4. Peel the ginger.
  5. Chop the apples.
  6. Drain the water from the beet greens.
  7. Juice all the ingredients together.
  8. Pour a little water through your juicer. This can help to push the last bits of pulp through. It also waters the juice down a little because all the flavours are pretty intense.
  9. Sieve the juice to remove the pulp.

Juice Fiend Says

Drinking beets can help to clean out the digestive tract. Drinking a lot of pure beet juice can certainly have that effect. Normally when you drink beet juice, you’ll find that your pee turns pink. This is nothing to worry about, although it might give you a bit of a shock. And remember, when handling beetroot, it turns everything red!

stained fingers from touching beetroot

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Andy Cowan is a veteran juicer who has been juicing for over 20 years. He ran a juice bar in Scotland and is happy to share his most popular juice recipes with you here. An expert on juice cleansing, he is here to help you reclaim your birth right - vibrant health.

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