overhead shot of smoothie in glass
Smoothie Recipe: Mango Colada

This is a delicious summertime smoothie with a genuine tropical taste. Thick and creamy yet super hydrating at the same time. The Mango Colada smoothie is a simple blend of 3 flavours using 4 ingredients.

sliced avocado on a dehydrated vegetable pulp cracker
Dehydrated Raw Juice Pulp Crackers

This “recipe” is really easy to make. It costs almost nothing because we usually just throw away our juice pulp. But why not make your own raw vegan crackers. You can even make them in the oven at a low temperature so a dehydrator isn’t essential.

picture showing juice in ice cube trays
Save Time with Juice Cubes

The easier we can make the juicing lifestyle, the more likely we are to do it. That’s why I like to keep a supply of juice cubes available in my freezer. You can save so much time when you batch juice through less juicing and less cleaning!

juice pulp in sieve
Pulp Free Juice – How to Guide

At my juice bar, I used a Norwalk cold press juicer, it literally makes a 0% pulp juice. Centrifugal and masticating juicers leave varying amounts of pulp in the juice (not always a bad thing). This blog talks about how to remove excess pulp from your juice and why you may want to do so.

picture of bottles of juice
How to Start a Juice Cleanse

Are you they type of person who likes to jump right in, or do you prefer to start more gradually. In this blog, I discuss two different approaches to starting a juice cleanse. There is no right way to do it, it’s what works for you that counts.